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In addition to administering the following therapies, educating families in these areas is a primary function of our therapists. We know that the effectiveness of our services is greater when families have the tools needed to help their children during daily life.

PHYSICAL Therapists possess a command of the physical body and offer help in sitting up, rolling over, becoming mobile, balancing, walking, coordinating movements, strengthening and posturing.

OCCUPATIONAL Therapists are much like physical therapists and address fine motor movements as well as support in feeding, sensory areas, cognition and posturing forms.

SPEECH Therapists focus on communication. This therapy addresses how a child receives and expresses information which can be a source of frustration for a child who has difficulty conveying his or her wants and needs. This therapy also addresses challenges associated with feeding.

DEVELOPMENTAL therapies address overall developments with expertise in issues of cause and effect, social interaction, attention span and behaviors that complement other therapies.

HEARING AND VISION therapies specialize in sights and sounds and offer practical tools to increase and/or adapt a child’s ability to navigate and adjust to other challenges.

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