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Each child, is no more beautiful, or more special than the next.

1:Intake information is gathered by the Service Coordinator who maintains and keeps a central file for your services. They coordinate all services and are your single point of contact during the entire process.
2:MDE. (Multi-disciplinary Evaluation)
An independent assessment is conducted to determine present strengths, and identify possible concerns, and the professional caring Therapists that will work in concert with you.
3:IFSP.(Individualized Family Service Plan)
Based on the evaluation, strengths and concerns are incorporated into clearly identify-able goals. The Therapist(s), Coordinator, and your family unite as a team to reach the goals.
4:Expect Results.

5:Discharge. Integrated’s primary goal is to successfully implement the goals of the IFSP so that there is no longer a qualifying delay.
6:Turning 3. A transition time where E I is completed, and the Dept of Education offers further programming, if continued therapy is warranted, through the school systems.
Your privacy in services is maintained and upheld in the strictest of confidence throughout the entire process. Staff is trained annually in the importance of confidentiality

About Integrated Care
Family Owned and Operated

Our therapists live locally to you.

You are always in control.

The amazing years of birth-3 are a critical time to address any area of concern.

The core function of Integrated care is to effectively help you with experienced staff.

Integrated Care personally seeks out and hand picks each therapist, based on experience and heart. You can speak with them prior to choosing your provider.

We Integrate our Passion, experience, and  expertise with your values, priorities and concerns.

Our sole focus is your child and what you want.

We keep it very simple.  We really care. It's that simple.

When you choose Integrated Care as your service partner, it is not taken lightly.  It is an honor.

Challenges become opportunities when the right people come together.

It's not about us, it's about you.

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