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Hi Folks. I just wanted to let you know this IS my most favorite part of the website. This shows the reality of our work. The following perspectives clearly show the depth of the life changing work AMAZING Integrated Therapist's do. This is what our work is all about. To make a real, lasting, positive difference.

We have been blessed by 4 AMAZING therapists in our home. Julie, Colleen, Lisa and Tanya love our children. We excited to spend time with them, and have helped us hit milestones we didn't know if we would. We could not be more pleased with the care we have received through Integrated Early Intervention! Rory and Dre's Mom, Amanda

Aleigha loves her therapist and is always happy to see her. ” Aleigha's Mom, Angela.

“ We are very pleased with his PT, Julie! She is awesome with my son, and so kind. She is always giving us ideas on things that can help my son improve. His therapy sessions are always fun! We do so much stretching, but my son isn't bothered or uncomfortable at all because we play while we are doing it! ” Braxton's Mom, Brittany.

“ Employees employed by Integrated Care truly care about parent's concerns. They listen to my concerns and worries and inform me with their experiences that relate to my situations. Integrated Care goes above and beyond to help and educate me to help my little one. ” Rowan's Mom, Stacie.

“ Since implementing Early Intervention for my son's mild speech delay he has made great progress. Having someone by your side to help guide and support you as you work with your child helps bring confidence in knowing you're doing the right thing. It has benefited his growth and he is almost up to speed. Early Intervention is key to finding potential underlying conditions as well. ” Jace's Mom, Tabitha.

“ Our speech therapist works so well with my son. She always comes prepared with a variety of fun activities that keep him engaged and participating. I have seen him succeed so much in just these few months. I can't be more pleased with our speech therapists success with our son. ” Cooper's Mom, Tracy.

“ Our therapist worked with our schedule and provided excellent services. ” Callen's Mom, Amanda.

We are very pleased! Our PT has shown us some very helpful tools, ways to stretch him, proper way to sit. I would have never thought to have my son sit on floor and prop my son up against couch and put a boppy pillow around him to have him play with toys or lay him on his side and have him play. We are learning so much! She always giving us tips to help. She can answer all my questions. ” Isaac's Mom, Michelle.

Janet has been excellent with our daughter. Despite Hailey's dislike with exercises. With Janet's persistence, we have seen improvement. She has a firm, yet kind, manner with Hailey. ” Hailey's Mom, Suzanne.

“ Without Integrated Early Intervention our daughter would be much more behind in her development. We are thankful for them! ” Cheyenne's Mom, Kayla.

“ The developmental therapist assigned to our son has become a part of our family in a way that I would not have expected. She has a great understanding of our son and his needs and always strives to take a creative approach to helping him develop. ” Liam's Mom, Taylor

Lisa is absolutely amazing! She has helped my son in so many ways and truly goes above and beyond my expectations. Any question I have, if she doesn't know the answer she finds out for me. ” Gideon's Mom, Lauren.

“ I am grateful for the speech therapy services that are provided to my daughter. She has come a long way since being enrolled in the program. She looks forward to seeing her therapist weekly. ” Delaney's Mom, Katie.

“ Our PT has been a valuable asset to our twin son's skill development over the past several months. She understands our hectic schedules and works to diligently get their PT work in. We would be lost without her and her little "tips" and "tricks" to get them to cooperate with the activities. Thank you for the fantastic service! It is so nice having someone come to the house, too, instead of having to drag the boys out of the house. ” Caleb and Colin's Mom, Jamie.

“ When we had our twins evaluated, both our son and daughter fell short in a couple areas. We welcomed the services offered by Integrated Early Intervention. Having a therapist work with our son in the comfort of our home gave us the peace of mind to ensure he was on track with meeting his developmental milestones. We couldn't be happier with the therapist and services he received. ” Anthony's Mom, Courtney.

We are so thankful for Early Intervention. When our daughter struggled with eating solids, it was so comforting to know that we could rely on these free services to help. Not only have we been able to have her OT at home, but she also visits her daycare as well to ensure her teachers can employ some of the same helpful techniques. We don't feel that we'd have made as much progress without the encouragement and support of Early Intervention. We still have some progress to make and know that we will get there with these services. It really does take a village!! ” Helena's Mom, Mindy.

WOW! What a difference. Our child couldn't even stand, or turn his head to the left when we started working with our therapist. Through many techniques provided, our child has caught up to his developmental age. Thank you so much! ” Joey's Mom, Beth.

Your services are awesome and very helpful. Your therapists are great. Would suggest your services to other families. ” Barbara and Sherry's Mom, Lindsay.

“ When I first got involved with this program it was for my 4 year olds (Sway) behavior. I was pregnant and was having a hard time on outings with her. So I got Miss Christy. When my 2 year old (Joss) was born she was born with torticollis. So I got a PT for her. Sway eventually aged out but Miss Christy did so well with her that I had her work with Joss also. I've also just added Miss Kathy with Joss. My children's behavior and brain development and Joss's torticollis has improved tremendously, 99.99%. They were and are the light at the end of my tunnel!!!! Highly Recommend!!!! Joss's Mom, Debra.

“ James's and I are very pleased with the work Janet has done with us and Zen. We are both aware that if it were not for Janet we would not be as far along as we are now. Our family is extremely grateful to have Janet work with us. We thank you very much. Our family would like for Janet to know how much we appreciate her and her efforts. We look forward to working more with her. ” Zen's Mom, Stephanie.

We are very pleased! Everyone that works with us is so helpful and kind. Tommy's developmentlist Tanya Wood, has become like family to us. Her and my son just instantly clicked…. She really understands him and what he responds to best. It can be stressful at times as the parent of a child who isn't really speaking. It leaves you with many questions and worries. But Tanya, Joy and Colleen really make things a thousand times easier for me and my mind! ” Thomas's Mom, Brittany.

Miss Lisa is Awesome! She has been crazy flexible with our busy schedule and our son being in and out of the hospital. My son Loves her and she is a sense of familiarity when so many Dr's, Nurses etc. are poking and prodding. ” Sams Mom, Kristen.

“ Barbie is at the top of her game!! Words can't describe how much stress and anxiety Barbie has taken away by all her education and guidance. She is going to be so missed!! Love, love, love her!! Great person both inside and out. ” Deborah, Jacob's mom.

“ Smalley is my first and only child. So when I heard about Early Intervention I wanted my son in the program. Both my niece and nephew had Miss Dana before I had my son. I watched her visits with them and loved her work then. So when my son was born I made sure he got into the program and requested Dana Melroy. Overall, Miss Dana is amazing and I will continue to recommend her services to other mothers! Thank you so much! I don't know if my son would have come as far as he did without her! ” Brandi, Smalley's mom.

“ Loved working with Tanya Wood. Friendly, great listener and worked well with my children. ” Amanda, Edward's mom.

“ My children felt so comfortable with the therapist that he looked forward to her visit weekly. It was like a member of the family was stopping by on a weekly basis. ” Joseph, Joshua's dad.

“ Robin has worked with both of my sons on their speech delays. They both have required a bit of 'warm up time' until they were comfortable enough to let her in. She has shown great patience, affection and skill with them both. My older son showed improvement in speech and social behaviors while under her care and we are confident my younger son will do the same. ” Rachael, Bryce's mom.

“ I am pleased with my services because without the services I have received I do not know how much worse my daughter's problems would be. They have helped me in my journey to being the best mom I could possibly be because they have taken the time to show me what type of things I should look for and /or be concerned with. Integrated Early Intervention is an amazing program that I would encourage other families (who may need assistance) to participate in. I appreciate all they have done for me and my family. ” Brittney, Jayceona's mom.

“ We love our therapists! They are like a part of our family! Our son is happy to see them and enjoys working with them and is sad to see them leave. Rebecca and Julie have given our family tools and guidance for our son's therapy and I do not believe that he would have made such great improvements without them. It's so comforting and special that we are lucky enough to have therapists who are just as interested in our son's therapy, happiness and future as we are! Coming from a mom who is a RN I find out therapists to be a vital part of our sons treatment team! We love Rebecca and Julie!! ” Shannon, Kellan's mom.

“ We have been very pleased with our services. Our physical therapist Julie Kozora is really outstanding therapist. She is constantly giving me suggestions on how to improve Kiley's muscle strength so she will be able to walk. Julie has also helped by showing me how I can help my daughter make appropriate transitions from sitting to crawling, I truly believe Julie has had a major impact on the progression of my daughter. My husband and I would strongly recommend Integrated Early Intervention to other families. ” Lori, Kiley's mom.

“ Any family that has a child with a need such as speech or physical therapy they should definitely reach out to your organization. Everyone that has been in our home to help Mason. They have been caring, loving, understanding and most of all useful. Mason has come a long way because of Integrated Early Intervention provided by the Integrated Care Corporation. Mason has speech therapy but when he was six months old he had to have physical therapy on his neck because his muscles were weak. Miss Julie worked wonders and now he is a very happy and healthy boy. Miss Robin is working very well with Mason and he enjoys being with her. ” Beth, Mason's mom.

“ We are very pleased with the services we have been receiving. My son just loves Robin and Tanya. He gets excited when I tell him one of them is coming to play with him. They are both very knowledgeable and it's clear that they know what they are doing. Even relatives who may not see my son on a day to day basis are noticing a difference in his behavior as well as his communication skills. They will be truly missed by my son as well as myself now that he is turning three. ” Carly, Zachary's mom.

“ I am pleased with these services because they really show patience when my son may not be cooperation fully. They show that they care whether or not my son is or wasn't showing improvement during his sessions. My son's teachers are Miss Sheryl Saunders and Miss Dana Melroy. I would recommend them to everyone. ” Michelle, Logan's mom.

“ Not all therapists are created equal. It is great to see my daughter respond so well to Julie. I couldn't be happier with all of the learning my daughter has done with your program. ” Carol, Breanna's mom.

“ Nine months ago, our son could not express himself or his wants. Today, vocabulary increases daily. He is exceptionally talkative and loves seeing his therapist at the door. Our therapist is one of the best professionals we have had the pleasure to know. ” Jamie, Isaac's mom.

“ Robin was recommended to us by another family and after meeting her it was clear to me why she was so well liked by them. Her approachable demeanor with my daughter really helped Gina to be comfortable. She has a style that melts kids where they are and that has been the best approach for us. ” Rebecca, Gina's mom.

“ Our therapist Dana has been amazing to work with. She is kind and considerate to our entire family and will help us incorporate our other kids in our daughter's sessions. She is sensitive to our daughter's needs which has really helped with her developmental progress. We have seen so much improvement in our daughter's communication that I wish we had known about Early Intervention Services for our older children. It has been amazing to watch the progress over the months going from nonverbal and frustrated to finally being able to ask for what she wants. ” April, Amari's mom.

“ Having Colleen come to the house has not only been beneficial to our son but she has also helped us understand how to teach him. ” Kelly, William's mom.

“ Janet has been so supportive in providing us with the skills we need to help our son gain independence. We are forever in debt to her for all of her help! I love that when I ask Janet a question about developmental skills she always knows the answer and instills confidence in Lochlan's abilities to meet his goals. We are so thankful to have her by our side as first time parents of a baby with a few special needs. Thank you, thank you!!!! ” Lindsay, Lochlan's mom.

“ Lisa, the OT that our son Keegan is seeing, is wonderful. She most often visits him at daycare and she makes everything so fun that all the other kids want to join in. It is hard for him to open up and be comfortable with people outside of his comfort zone, but it didn't take long for him to warm up to her. This is a great thing. ” Shannon, Keegan's mom.

“ We are so satisfied with the services Monica provides our son and as a family. She shares ideas and tools for us to use on a daily basis that has helped significantly. Our child has shown major improvements. He is very shy and I was very surprised how much he connected with her. We are very happy. ” Carrie, Gage's mom.

“ Our therapist has been wonderful! She not only helps us with Evans speech but she also makes suggestions in other aspects of his care. She is very knowledgeable, friendly, flexible, informative, caring, patient and helpful. We couldn't be happier!! ” Amu, Evan's mom.

“ My son loves his therapist. He runs to the door every week to greet her. His progress has been slow, but she doesn't lose patience. She continues to introduce new methods to help him. ” Stefanie, Ethan's mom.

“ Before we started the program Steven could only scoot on his bottom. As we went and in time he's been able to walk, creep, run and tried to climb. Just a huge number of things he can do now and I couldn't be happier. The physical therapist was very supportive. Always giving me tips and tricks to do with Steven in the times she wasn't here. ” Kassandra, Steven's mom.

“ I would recommend this service to anyone. My husband and I have seen so much improvement in our son that it is amazing. We owe a lot of Jace's progress to Janet, his therapist. Janet is absolutely wonderful with Jace and we couldn't thank her enough for everything that she has done for Jace. ” Tara, Jace's mom.

“ My 2 year old son instantly bonded with his speech therapist. He sees her as a playmate and doesn't even realize that he is being "taught" and we notice more and more progress each week! He is learning to communicate better and we can see great improvement in the short time he has been working with this therapist. ” Melanie, Joseph's mom.

“ Yes very pleased with our services. Emma and Hanna have progressed so much with their help and always informing us of other helpful ways to work with them throughout the week. ” Melissa, Emma's and Hanna's mom.

“ How patient and understanding they are. Their skills enhance my child where they may recognize problem areas that I would not recognize. My child has made a leap with the one on one interaction with the program. This has made a huge impact on her as well as in her day to day activities. With this program my child has achieved goals faster than I could have provided on my own. ” Angela, Antonio's mom.

“ We have been very pleased with the services Janet has provided and continues to provide our son, Myles. She always listens and answers all of our questions and is very patient with our family. She is very knowledgeable on many topics regarding his development. She has truly helped Myles get to where he is today. She always gives us many activities to do with him and makes working fun and easy. We are so thankful Janet is Myles' therapist. She is a kind and caring individual and any family would be extremely lucky to have her as their physical therapist. We look forward to her visits weekly and sharing Myles's progress with her. We are very fortunate to have the services we do for our son and are very happy with Janet! ” Brandy, Myles's mom.

“ We are pleased to have collaborated with Integrated Services to help with our son's speech therapy. He is still struggling with his speech and using simple words, but is trying to talk more. Every week it gets a little better. He gets excited to see Kristi every week and works with her, I also learn things from Kristi (different tactics, strategies) she has been extremely supportive and encouraging, additionally bringing positive energy into our home as our son goes through this gradual transition. ” Stacey, Harris's mom.

“ Josiah's therapist is amazing. She always gives us good advice and has helped Josiah in many ways. His torticollis and head tilt are no longer a problem. Now she's working on new goals with him and I already see improvement! I would recommend Integrated Care to anyone in need of a therapist for their little one. ” Heather, Josiah's mom.

“ Therapy was the highlight of Max's day. Encourage & understanding differences in raising special needs child. I can't think of an area that he has not progressed in from a 4lb fragile baby to a walking, climbing, 'terrible' three year old (who is still only 20lbs). Max's therapists loved him. Because of that acceptance, he would work extra hard for them and enjoyed it. There were hugs, cuddles and praise that were genuine. It wasn't therapy to Max it was a play date. Most important to me as a Mom: often with fragile kids, the therapist is the only person you may see for a long period of time. I loved that it was something I would look forward to also. I often needed that encouragement. My job can be lonely. ” Annette, Max's mom

“ That our son will have full motion with his neck. It's important to me that they care about my child and they are patient. Our son can turn his head further to the right and has gained strength in his arms. Integrated Early Intervention has very caring people working for them. I feel like they truly put our children's needs as their first priority. They are very flexible and patient. ” Stacey, Asa's mom.

“ He is sitting better. He is stronger. Using his motor skills more. If it was not for the therapists Jacob has, he would not be as far along as he is. We are very grateful to have these people in our lives helping our child. Within just a few weeks of therapy we noticed a difference. ” Sam, Jacob's dad.

“ My son has went from only making sounds, to repeating words and also saying words on his own now. This program is the best thing for Torin. He has shown so many new areas brought out by words. Can't say enough positive things about Torin's teacher who is patient, understanding, and interacts well at Torin's level. Great rapport and is able to get much accomplished. It's good to know that programs like this exist. So thankful that we were introduced to Early Intervention and Torin qualified. This program is beneficial to Torin, as well as, his twin sister who likes to also participate. Keep up the great work. ” Chelsea, Torin's mom.

“ My daughter has torticollis, and since we started she has better movement in her neck. She also is beginning to move, sit, crawl, and reach better. I am very pleased with your services. Our therapist works around my schedule, is very knowledgeable and works well with my daughter. She gives great advice and tips. ”Lacy, Alexis's mom.

“ Bentley's balance has improved a lot. ”Christine, Bentley's mom.

“ Melissa is very helpful with Nettie's development. Nettie started services at an early age so Melissa has been there in every step of her development. Melissa is very caring and a wonderful person. It is important to feel comfortable around someone who comes into your home and works with your child. I trust Melissa with Nettie and I feel she really knows and cares about my child. Great Therapist, Great Services! ”Cassie, Annetta's mom.

“ My child has progressed greatly with her stiffness in her neck. She is now able to turn side to side and also sleeps more comfortably. She also has been able to complete her milestones such as rolling, sitting, etc. She is much more in alignment with the different stretching techniques. ” Anonymous.

“ My daughter's head is straighter. ”Amy, Stacey's mom.

“ Very helpful explaining what is being done. Very helpful and welcoming. Very personable and friendly, awesome info about the ways to help him and everyday practice. ” Blake, Zak's dad.

“ Torticollis is not as noticeable. Therapist has given us many stretches and tips to help us and his day care staff so we can all use them on a daily basis to strengthen muscles. ” Anonymous.

“ That the therapist is nice and wanting to help make my child better. It's taking his torticollis away slowly but it's improving very well. I'm pleased with the fact that our therapist comes every week to help our son. Even though he may cry, she will still keep stretching him and doing his exercises. ” Anonymous.

“ Before Lisa, our daughter would throw a fit to set in the high chair. She would push the food away or throw it. Now I can get her to sit for a half hour or more, and she eats and plays with the food. Harlow's eyes light up when Lisa comes in. It's like Harlow loves eating with her. That means so much to us. ”Kelly, Harlow's mom.

“ Julie's personality, flexibility and constant communications (are most important to me). Ali has gone from not responding to anything to going on her belly, rolling, sitting, playing, waving and many other things. We could not be more pleased. Julie is an amazing therapist and an amazing person overall. She is pleasant, and compassionate, but also very serious and knowledgeable about what she is here to do. Ali's progress is a true testament as to the services provided by Julie. We could not be more thankful for the services available because without them, we would not be watching our daughter progress and grow. Thank you! ”Lauren, Alison's mom.

“ Patrick began services at around 2 years of age, with only a handful of words. He is becoming quite the talker. He has had services for over 6 months, and we notice a huge difference. It would be hard to count all his words now. Our son, Patrick, receives speech services from Janet Berna. He looks forward to his time playing with her. In just over 6 months, he is speaking at a more age-appropriate level, and is more confident in his new verbal skills. "Miss Janet", as we call her, is able to engage Patrick in meaningful play to develop and foster his language skills. We are very pleased with his progress and are thankful for Janet's help. ”Megan, Patrick's mom.

“ Jordan's awareness of his left side has increased since starting services. His gross and fine motor skills have progressed nicely and the variety of foods he will accept has grown. Jordan loves when Janet (Hanson) comes to play with him. His face always lights up when his "friends" walk through the door! ”ocelyn, Jordan's mom.

“ My son would only point and babble. Now he communicates to me a lot! I was skeptical. But now it was the best for my son. ”Kelly, Hunter's mom.

“ My daughter would rarely speak. Now she is putting 3 - 4 words together. It has allowed me to better meet her needs. I am very pleased. ”Nichole, Ashlyn's mom.

“ I have notice continual growth in my daughter's strength, coordination and balance, which were all major concerns. My daughter is able to also keep up with and do as her more stable twin sister can. I'm very pleased with our PT, Jean (Riddle). She really worked well with my daughter and not only involved me, but her twin sister also so Alayna didn't feel singled out. She is a great resource for any questions or concerns. ”Jacquie, Alayna's mom.

“ I have seen considerable sensory related improvements. My daughter is more tolerable of "new" things. Her fine/gross motor achievements have excelled as well! I was pleased with our occupational therapist, Janet (Hanson), because she really helped address my daughter's sensory concerns. She provided me with the skills and tools to continue her progression at home. ”Jacquie, Alayna's mom.

“ My son has went from only saying a few words like "mama" and "dada", to saying 2 word phrases, colors and many words. I hear him use a lot of phrases that our therapist uses, like 'open', 'closed', 'knock, knock', etc. My son loves 'working' with his therapist; and looks forward to his time with her every week. They sit and play; and he is very attentive, and having so much fun while learning. He has learned to say so many new words and phrases in a short period of time; and we are very happy with his progress! ”Noelle, Landon's mom.

“ My daughter, Kaylin, has started saying more sounds and words. Tanya Wood comes to our house once a week to work with our 18 mo. old daughter, Kaylin. Tanya does a wonderful job with her and my daughter loves her. Tanya gives my husband and I useful tips and suggestions to use with Kaylin. She has made significant progress since we got involved with this program. ”Beth, Kaylin's mom.

“ Adelaide's neck has straightened and strengthened. She has been able to work on her balance and muscle strength. We are thrilled with the services provided. We have seen positive changes since the first visit and look forward to our weekly services. The knowledge and skill that Jean (Riddle) brings is so valuable. She is not forceful, but finds ways to work within the child's comfort zone. We are so thankful for the service Jean provides. Adelaide has a lifelong friend! ”Nora, Adelaide's mom.

“ Collaboration, flexibility with child, and positive interactions. Lisa does all of this. James is more apt to try new foods. He also chews much more effectively. In addition, he has learned social skills and it has helped with stranger anxiety. I am very pleased with the services we receive through Integrated Care. We have found it a great asset to our son and us as parents. We've learned ways to better support him and he has advanced in his skills. We cannot say enough good things about his occupational therapist, Lisa Symons. She is excellent. She encourages our son to grow while providing support to us in a very friendly environment in which everyone is comfortable. She also includes our older son in the sessions, which helps our younger son accept her and have a model. She is superb! ”Melissa, James mom.

“ Lillian has come a very long way since starting services. In the beginning she was only saying a handful of words. She is now saying many words and using them appropriately. I am so thankful for the services my daughter has received. She is now able to communicate better. Her therapist is very friendly and makes my daughter excited to learn new words. ”Amber, Lillian's mom.

“ Jonathan's vocabulary and focus has grown significantly since starting services. ” Anonymous.

“ Rebecca Barker is genuinely interested in the development of the child. She's very observant and interactive with the child. ”Angela, Madisen's mom.

“ Rebecca has been working with our girls since they were 2 months old. They are doing so well now. She has helped me with all my concerns during these past 2 œ years. She has helped me and the girls work on and meet their goals. We have had a wonderful experience with Early Intervention and I know she was the cause of that. Rebecca Barker is a wonderful developmentalist. She is a very down to earth, caring individual. I would recommend Integrated Care Corporation and Rebecca to any family. We have their services for all most 3 years and I do not have one complaint. ”Suzanne, Sophia and Maggie's mom.

“ William is finally making an effort and trying to talk. William's therapists interact very well with him. He loves when they come. Before therapy William didn't talk and it seemed like he didn't care to even try. Now he has a few words and is making an effort every day, trying hard to make words. ”Hannah, William's mom.

“ The effectiveness and knowledge of therapists (is the most important to me). Shiron has been able to army crawl' and is now trying to crawl on all fours. There is productive interaction, eye contact and numerous verbal sounds. I feel that without Integrated Early Intervention that Shiron would not be where he is at today. With cerebral palsy, heart issues and delayed brain functioning, Shiron has come such a long way. I would recommend Integrated Early Intervention to anyone with a child in need! ”Helene, Shiron's Foster mom.

“ Dayton has added at least 75-100 words and plays so much better with others up to 20 - 30 minutes at a time. The staff is so caring and helpful. They truly care about my family and the goals for Dayton. He is improving so much with your services! I am so much happier to show him off to friends and family for every week they come he learns so much more. Thank you again! ”Jen, Dayton's mom.

“ (What is most important to me is) the therapists work hard to help my child and gives things for me to help as well. The progress we have had since services are awesome. My son says more now than before. He is less cranky because he can tell us in a word or two what he wants or needs. The therapists with Integrated are great. They work around your needs and time as best they can. They are friendly and respectful and very professional. They give good advice to help your child when they are not there. They never leave you guessing about what to do next or where you can go after service is complete to best help your child. I would recommend this service to anyone that needs it. You have some of the best therapists. We enjoy the service to help our child and have used your company for the past 6 years for several of our children. I wouldn't go anyplace else. ”Sara, Wyatt's mom.

“ (My child receives) speech, physical therapy and occupational therapy. Robin, Lisa, and Julie are very nice, and Keith Jr. likes them. ”Ladell, Keith's mom.

“ Care and concern of the therapist. Able to answer any questions we may have and explanations of what the therapy is to do for our child (is what is most important to me). Mason has torticollis - since he has had Miss Julie with him he has learned to sit up on his own - play with toys. His neck is becoming more centered. He is tolerable of all the stretches. We see such an improvement in Mason because of Miss Julie. Integrated Early Intervention is a great service for children with therapy issues. As parents in need of their service IEI has shown us comfort in understanding our son's issues and how they can help him. Without their concern and thoughtfulness we wouldn't know where to turn for the help that our son needs. He is improving so well every day because of Miss Julie and her sessions with him. She showed us what we can do to help him when she is not here. Without her we wouldn't have known the difference techniques to help him. Thank you. ” Beth, Travis and Trishy, Mason's mom, dad and grammy.

“ Yes, I am pleased with the service our lady has done everything she can to try and get my son to talk. ” Chris, Alex's dad..

“ After working with both of our grandchildren, after each week you could see the progress in abilities and capabilities. Miss Dana takes the time and patience with the kids so that they can put their best effort out. She is kind and understanding to each child. Her encouragement helps all of us to be the best we can be. A very good employee and, better yet, a good Human Being! ” Jim.

“ Before therapy, my son was not developing. Now, we are pleased to report that at 18 months old - he can roll over, sit up, stand independently and walk! We have seen a huge difference in the last 6 months! When our son was diagnosed with craniosynostosis, the doctor's told us he would have some developmental delays and encouraged us to start therapy. Max has done great and is catching up fast. We love our therapists and they are so helpful and attentive. They really care about Max and we are happy to report that he is now walking and doing great! ”Beth, Max's mom.

“ The therapist really knows my child. She takes the time to do that. My child's confidence in herself has increased. She wants to be around children and other family members more. She wants to participate in activities that deal with talking such as story time. She has improved in her eating skills and potty training. They really take the time to listen to your child's needs and the family needs, and by their listening they are able to give you helpful suggestions and techniques. They are very flexible and willing to work with you. They are very knowledgeable in their field and guide you in the right direction. ” Erin, Gia's mom.

“ That therapists care what they do (is most important to me). In physical therapy, I noticed that Ben tried to hold his head straight within a couple of weeks, and with speech therapy, he started to make more new sounds. Two of my kids went through this program. My youngest had a problem with his neck and his speech. The physical therapist was working on straightening his neck and she was very friendly and helpful. So is his speech therapist. Very friendly and helpful. You can tell they both like and enjoy their job, and it's very important for young children to see that and feel that. ” Marina, Benjamin's mom.

“ It is important to me that our worker takes great pride and genuinely cares about the families she works with. My son is sleeping better in his room, and has improved with behaviors and interaction with others, and I have become a better disciplinarian for my son. Please note that we are very sad that services are soon ending. We will miss Jessica! She's awesome. Since receiving services through Integrated, my son's behaviors and social interactions have greatly improved. He looks forward to services every week. ”Margaret, James' mom.

“ I have seen progress in walking, balance, coordination, and speech. Words cannot express my and my husband's appreciation for the services that both of my children have received. Dana is an angel in disguise. Her expertise, insight and encouragement have been an invaluable resource. The miracles she performed with my oldest who was 6 weeks premature was amazing. However, my youngest who was a micro-preemie entering the world 12 weeks early and weighing 2 lbs. 8 oz. presented more of a challenge to Dana. She was not deterred. My children are thriving. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! ”Raecyne, Zavier and Donvan's mom.

“ My baby girl has become more mobile and responsive since Dana Melroy has come! ”Krystal, Willow's mom.

“ I have seen a decrease in temper tantrums due to Aden being able to sign/verbally make his needs and wants to me. I am very pleased with the services provided. Aden is my third child to receive services through EI and I am glad we made the switch to Integrated Early Intervention. When speaking to other parents, I recommend your agency hands down over the previous agency my family has worked with. ”Amanda, Aden's mom.

“ Before services, my son could not verbally express himself at all. Now he can and his speech is more intelligible. I am very pleased with these services. My son has come a long way in his ability to verbally express himself. He has gone from feeling frustrated that we could not understand him to being very pleased that now we can. In addition, his confidence has increased. Thank you, Ms. Sheryl. ” Rebecca, Russell's mom.

“ My son now tries to makes sentences, he now tells me what he wants clearly. I believe that IEI has improved my son's communication skills so much more than when he started. She is very friendly and caring when he is with the IEI teacher. She is very friendly to the other children in the household. ”Amanda, Alexander's mom.

“ Our therapist is caring and exceeds my expectations. Goes out of her way to make sure Brysen is challenged and not bored! Since Dana Melroy has begun, we have seen our child meet and exceed our expectations! If there is a problem area we concentrate on that area until it is mastered! Every child can benefit from these services! The therapist is wonderful! Dana is kind and firm with my stubborn child! We love her! She is always striving for more and allows time for reflection. She provides guidance to not only Brysen, but for me also! ” Bianca, Brysen's mom.

“ Have seen much. My daughter is starting a better bedtime schedule. Very caring, helpful. ”Danielle, Gabriella's mom.

“ Our therapist is amazing. She is very knowledgeable and helpful with our every need. Is always down on the floor playing with our child on her level. Is very outgoing and loving. I would recommend her to anyone! ” Melissa, Emma's mom.

“ What is most important to me is educating my daughter. My daughter is more vocal. The therapist is a good source of information. ” Michele, Julia's mom.

“ Julie has shown and done so many good things for Breanna. I could not be more pleased with your staff. Breanna loves doing all the new things Julie shows her. It has made a huge difference in her development. ”Carol, Breanna's mom.

“ The caring and flexibility of our therapist is important to me. Most of our concerns with our son are disappearing. He is still a bit behind in his speech and his listening skills, but they are improving immensely and quickly. I am very happy with the service we receive from our therapist at ICC. She is knowledgeable, friendly, flexible, and, best of all, she has really great rapport with our son. He seems to be overcoming new obstacles every day. We are ever grateful for the ideas and help we get from your therapist. ”Alicia, Elliott's mom.

“ Our son has better head control, he is not favoring one side or another, he is very social and listens to instructions very well, and concentrates on what he's been asked to do. Our therapist worked with him after his helmet was off to regain his balance. My therapist is very down to earth and knowledgeable. She always gives us great tips on how to work with our son. She always makes us feel like we're her only clients. My son has a great time learning from her. He's done exceptionally well since his helmet was removed. He had to learn his balance all over again. My therapist has been remarkable. We couldn't be happier with our son's progress over the past 4 months. ” Kathryn, Greyson's mom.

“ My son is talking so much more. He is now saying two word phrases. I have seen so much progress in my son's speech in the past 6 months. He is talking so much more and gaining confidence in his ability to verbally communicate with us. ” Melissa, Landon's mom.

“ Jacob has improved dramatically. He is better able to communicate his needs and wants. His vocabulary has improved. Jacob's therapist has been caring, loving and wonderful to work with. He always looks forward to his therapy. ” Jessica, Jacob's mom.

“ I have been with the program 2 years since my son was home from (the) hospital. I know he is developing on track because of the intervention program. My son is amazing because of all the support and techniques we received during therapy sessions. ”Monica, Ethan's mom.

“ I have been able to relate and understand my son better and can better teach my son new things. ”Melissa, Dylan's mom.

“ The therapists/therapy Andrew receives have been very helpful with all his needs. Andrew's deficits have been met as much as they can be. He has made significant improvements, and has met some of his milestones with development even though he continues to lag behind. Your staff are wonderful and I hate to see them go when andrew turns three. Thank you for the time spent! ”Theresa, Andrew's guardian.

“ We have had two children in the program (the 2nd is currently receiving services). While it's early in the 2nd child's services, the improvement and benefits seen in our first child are significant. He is on mark or better than other children his age. Our therapist provides us with techniques to utilize between sessions in an effort to maximize our son's progress. ”Raecyne, Donovan's mom.

“ Ja'nell and Ja'zell are doing great. They're both sitting up, almost ready to crawl. They're both holding their heads very good. The techniques given helped my daughters so well. I'm glad with their development. Also for them to be premature (3 months early), I am grateful for the services provided to me and my family. ”Danyelle, Ja'nell and Ja'zell's mom.

“ Juniper has been progressing with each day. We use the techniques our therapist, angela, has shown us, and it has made all the difference. Angela listens to us. She explains things to us and she cares. Juniper is always excited to see angela when she comes. We love angela --- thank you!! ”Heather, Juniper's mom.

“ The staff as done a great job with lucas. Tremendous progress in such a short amount of time. ”Vicki, Lucas's mom.

“ Talking a little more than what he did before. ”Kathy, Austin's mom.

“ I have seen a big difference in my son's torticollis. He can now move his head to the right a lot better than before the services. (The) therapist is very patient, kind, understanding with services to my son. Seen a dramatic difference in my son's torticolls. ”Tammy, Tyler's mom.

“ Our therapist is very caring & attentive to our daughter. Our daughter enjoys her therapy sessions, which means a lot to me as her mother. It's time well spent. ”Natalie, Penelope's mom.

“ I have seen a lot of progress with my child. They are very helpful to help with my child. I am very pleased with them. ”Holly, Vernon's mom.

“ Greaty improved strength. Supportive suggestions. Our son has had steady progress & we are always given ideas to help him grow & develop. We have had wonderful support & concern from all staff. We are so thankful to really share our concern for our son's progress. Sometime(s) you hold back with family because you want your child to be viewed as 'normal', but your staff are so well trained & personable that we have never felt there was any reason to hold back. They understand & really truly want your family & your child to have the support you need with no judgement. We are very thankful for the help & listening ear. ”Krista, Jaxin's mom.

“ Adam has demonstrated an increase in fine motor coordination, crawling, sitting, standing, and pre-walking. All of the therapists have been extremely knowledgeable, caring and compassionate thoughout the therapy sessions for our son. It truly has been a rewarding experience with the therapist weekly. ”Andrea, Adam's mom.

“ Shane has started using his tongue to speak - and he signs to let me know what he wants. My therapist is always bringing something new to the session to help my son learn how to speak and sign. She keeps the ideas fresh and so fun for him! ”Lindsay, Shane's mom.

“ My daughter, leah teets, was very behind because she was premature. Her therapist, dana, has been working with her for around 8 months. Before we got involved in the program, my daughter wasn't even rolling over. She is 18 months old now and she is walking well, talking and learning something different every week when dana comes to visit. Thank you very much for a ll the help you've given leah. We consider dana part of our family. God bless dana and the program for working with my miracle baby leah.
I think that any child that has any kind of disability would benefit from this program. The therapist(s) are very kind and helpful. They have showed me many different ways to work with my daughter, leah. And they work! It also gives me a chance to spend time with leah, having fun, but the most important thing is she is learning so much from the program. Thank you all again, and god bless you all. ”
Vicky, Leah's mom.

“ Camden has gone from making a few sounds to progressing to a fairly large vocabulary of words with the beginnings of putting words together into small phrases.
Our therapist has developed a relationship with our daughter, and our family, that is a significant piece of our daughter's progression with her speech. She (therapist) as provided us with strategies and suggestions to work on during the week from session to session. With her support, we have taken other steps to help our daughter's development. Her hearng was never a concern, but because of recurrng ear infections, tubes were necessary for her to hear sounds more clearly and has helped significantly with her speech development. ”
Angela, Camden's mom.

“ We have seen tremendous progress with rocco's speech, most importantly, we can understand.
It was a great experience to work with someone who became a joy to see each week. Janet was compassionate, understanding and a wonderful teacher to all of our family giving us ideas and plans on how we can help rocco's development. Can't say enough! ”
Tricia, Rocco's mom.

“ My daughter can do things that we are amazed by. These services provide her the opportunity to learn and grow.
We love linda's therapists. She does so well with all of them. They really show they care, whch is very important to us. ”
Cheryl, Linda's mom.

“ My son went from only saying one or two words to being able to say four word sentences.
Therapists are knowledgeable and very friendly. They not only care about the professionalism of the job they are doing, but they care about the families that they are providing services for. ”
Crystal, Larry's mom.

“ My kids are both very advanced! We love miss dana! Everyone should meet her. She is your poster girl!! My kids love her. She makes
Therapy fun. ”
Marnie, Josie's mom.

“ Our son has increased his vocabulary significantly and has started to talk in short sentences. (A big improvement from when he first started services.)
Our speech therapist, colleen, is wonderful with our son, andrew. She is kind, knowledgeable, and overall a great person to work with. Andrew has become quite attached to her and I know it will be hard for all of us to move on to the next level of service knowing that we cannot take her with us. ”
Tracy, Andrew's mom.

“ Caleb understands what I mean when I ask him to put an object 'in' something else.
Caleb really enjoys his therapy sessions with christy. He laughs and plays with her the entire time. Christy really cares about caleb and his progress. She always listens to my concerns and offers advice or suggestions. ”
Jamee, Caleb's mom.

“ Attention span better. Saying some words.
Carrie is very good with owen. He enjoys her coming and waits to help her. ”
Georgette, Owen's mom.

“ All good. My son, I believe will finally be able to function and understand more. He does not seem to be so frustrated because he is finally being able to pick things up. He also now wants to do more and I understand where I can help so I can help him out more. Also the instructors have been so nice that me and my son feel as if we have made new friends. ”Michelle, Dakota's mom.

“ Our child had infantile spasms at 5 mo old. Medication stopped the spasms. Your therapist helped him achieve almost normal activities by age 16 months.
At 5 mo. Old our child couldn't sit by himself. Through the therapist's help, he was walking at 15 mo. That was the average age our other 6 children began walking. We are very pleased. ”
Noah, John's dad.

“ My daughters are now able to put puzzles together, play with each other, actually look at books and remain interested, stack toys, build with lego's, etc.
Dana has become a necessary and enjoyable part of our weekly routine! The progress she has made with my daughters has changed our entire life and I cannot speak highly enough of her. Not only does she work with my daughters, but she also educates me on milestones, goals, and routes to get them there. She takes time to listen to my observations and concerns and always makes us feel like we're her only clients! We love Integrated Care and what it has done for our family!! ”
Jennifer, Madison and Peyton's mom.

“ My child has learned to walk and has become much stronger. She has learned to chew her food and blow bubbles.
Angela ball provided me with extensive materials and handouts explaining different techniques to help sensory effected children. She gave me a book to read explaining everything and recipies to try. The info was very helpful in educating me on what I need to do to help my daughter. ”
Christine, Willow's mom.

“ My child has made so much progress since we started a year and a half ago. It was so helpful to have someone to come and show us and give us advice that would help my kid to improve and make progress in her life.
I am very pleased with Integrated early intervention. I have recommended the service to friends. They have helped my child so much over the years. The staff help is very friendly and very flexible with my schedule and working around the appointments I have for my child. I would recommend this service to anyone that would need help. When your child is an infant, you don't know many ways or have many ideas to help work with them. The staff that works with my child has taught and showed us so many ways to do things and has helped lower the frustration and stress that I would have had not knowing what to do or where to start. ”
Emily, Jaydyn's mom.

“ Angela came on board after we had to request a new ot for our son. (She was from a different agency. Our son was not making any progress with her services.) When angela first joined our team, our son was not able to drink from a sippy cup, was still refusing fluids, had oral averions, couldn't feed himself, and kept his right hand fisted with the thumb adducted most of the time. His right upper extremity was very tight. Our son now drinks from a sippy cup, straw, and regular glass; he feeds himself and has overcome his oral aversions; and uses his right hand as a helper hand a lot of the time.
Angela ball is our son's ot. She is truly the best in her profession. She demonstrates techniques that help stretch, loosen, and strengthen my son's right upper extremity so that I can work with him each day. She constantly thinks of new activities for my son to try that will keep his interest in therapy. She treats my son with kindness, understands his personality and needs, motivtes him, and provides praise. She is also highly professional. Thankfully, she treats me the same way she treats my son. She listens to my concerns and provides me with information that addresses those concerns. We know we are extremely lucky to have angela on our team. She as helped our son so much. Quite honestly, we're very scared and worried about losing her when our son turns three. She is an amazing human being and exceptional therapist. Words cannot adequately express our gratitude. ”
Jessica, Tad's mom.

“ My child has continued to progress and is reaching milestones.
Integrated has not only helped my chld develop, but as a first-time parent, they have given me and my family ideas and tips useful to any parent! ”
Bianca, Brysen's mom.

“ She can now speak in 2-5 word sentences could not say much before. Recognizing the world around her and verbally expressing what she sees. She's more outspoken, she has found confidence in herself.
Very pleased yours have cared so much for my concerns that yours have become family. Because only family can understand and care that much. Thanks for everything. ”
Angie, Aliya's mom.

“ My son has made excellent progress. Upon starting services he was gagging and throwing up when eating solid foods. Today he eats just about any thing and enjoys it without any problems.
I never expected my son to make progress so quickly! Marcia, our o.T., Was personable, caring and shared so much knowledge with me. She engaged so well with my son and we will miss seeing her. I highly recommend Integrated Care! Thank you! ”
Stephanie, Tyson's mom.

“ My child, at the beginning, just mostly sat on my lap and appeared 'lost', now he is a totally normal, highly functioning young man with tons of personality. His vision has improved slightly, and he and myself now both have a better understanding of how to deal with his condition. His therapists will be greatly missed! ”Amanda, Brody's mom.

“ My child has grown tremendously and learned so many things with your help.
You provide friendly, knowledgeable service and feel more like a friend than just another therapist. ”
Jocelyn, Jordan's mom.

“ Luke's speech and focus have both improved greatly. ”Christy, Luke's mom.

“ My son has been saying a lot more sounds.
I am pleased with these services because it has helped my 2 year old son with sounds and saying more words. ”
Jennifer, Chase's mom.

“ Our daughter has greatly imroved from an infant that could do nothng to a strong, growing toddler. She has made major improvements with the help of our therapist. We know that she will continue to improve, too.
Our therapist is a very carng person and wants to see our daughter be the best that she can be as much as we do. I would highly recommend her to anyone. ”
Amy, Aubrey's mom.

“ When services started, our daughter (1 and œ years old) was not talking, communicating, verbalizing or using language to communicate her needs. Since being involved with services, her speech has improved. She is learning and using basic words (sometimes several words) and she has even learned some sign language to communicate.
Our experience with services has been a truly positive and helpful service. The workers are great at giving simple suggestions, Recommendations and practical interactions to use in the home. The workers are friendly, Helpul, Knowledgeable and at the same time keep sessions 'fun' for my daughter. Snce being involved with services, My daughter's speech has improved, Her interactions and talking skills have developed and she thinks she has a weekly 'playdate' because sessions are that fun and most importantly helpful..
Brian, Luciana's dad.

“ My son has better head control. Not fisting hands as much and opening on command. Rolling consistently. Very excited to see what more is to come.
Services for my son are great. I have seen so much of a change in him since he has had services, and all the therapists seem to become family to you. It's nice to now that they can answer any questions or conerns you have. ”
Kayla, Lucas' mom.

“ My son has gone from not being able to hold his head up to holding it up. His hands are not clenched any longer. He is reaching for things - smiles and is starting to bear weight on his legs.
Our physical therapist, amy, has been absolutely wonderful with our son, jacob. He has shown a huge improvement and lights up when he sees amy. She has shown us and has been patient with new skills for jake. We love amy and are so grateful for her. ”
Amanda, Jacob's mom.

“ We have better communication with less crying. We also have the tools to continue with john's speech development on a daily basis.
Our son looks forward to janet coming every week! She makes speech therapy fun and exciting so that it is just like a play date! ”
Tracy, John's mom.

“ My daughter's torticollis has minimized and she is hitting her developmental milestones!
I am very pleased with the support we receive from Integrated Care!
We have been shown and given the tools, as well as, knowledge for techniques to better assist our daughters to achieve goals! ”
Jacqueline, Alayna and Adalyn's mom.

“ My youngest son received services to help with his eating habits and speech. In the time he spent with angela ball and angela wells, he made progress in leaps and bounds. He is now speaking in 3-4 word sentences when before he just gestured, and eating almost 3 full meals a day when he used to just take bites and drink!
In the time my sons spent with angela wells and angela ball, they have grown to be more manageable and easy to communicate with. They addressed our sensitivity issues ,as well as, control issues with getting them to eat. They gently taught each of us to learn to be sensitive and kind to each other's needs and to do less command when eating so they didn't feel it was a negaive thing. The speech had been greatly improved, and in turn, made it easier to attend to his needs/wants when he could tell me what they were! I would absolutely recommend the wonderful and educated staff at Integrated Care; they have helped my children and family find a balance to our life! ”
Katie, Nicco and Rocco's mom.

“ Andrew is making very good progress. He is using a lot more words but its still hard to understand but they are there! I think Angela is an Excellent therapist. If there was an award she deserves it. Before my son had a speech therapist working with him we could not understand him. As a mother it was extremely tough for me I was the one dealing with the screaming fits for hours because he wasn't getting what he wanted or needed. His therapist explained about different ways to communicate with him. I thought that I wasn't working with him enough. Then she went over medical problems with me and found out it was from chronic ear infections that made him behind on his hearing. She goes above what she needs to do. When I tell my son she is coming he just lights up with excitement. Now he tells her "no go bye bye". She is a member of our family. She gave us hope when I was desperate. I have had 4 therapist in my home but Integrated Care was the best one! Thank You Angela! ”Andrew’s mom, Amanda.

“ This is the Flitcraft families second time with Integrated Care. We were so pleased with the quality and progress with our first son. Unfortunately our 3rd son needed the same care, but we were blessed to know that there was compassionate, reliable, knowledgeable, and not to mention friendly help thru Integrated Care. Antony had feeding issues from day one, but with proper technique taught and practiced he is up to par with fellow peers. His physical abilities have come along also. Through Integrated Care our family has learned we're not the only ones in the same boat. Our family has learned patience, consistency, and hard work will help get us through this. The therapists are like family. They are there for the child and family and make sure the outcomes are met. ”Antony’s mom, Katrina.

“ Our son enjoyed his therapists visits so much that he still asks about them even though they have been gone for 2 months. They were so professional and friendly and motivated him to talk by establishing a rapport early on. Our son went from a 3 word vocabulary to speaking in a sentence in just 10 months. ”Wyatt’s mom, April.

“ The Integrated Care Corp. has helped my 2 year old talk more in a matter of 6 months. We have a wonderful therapist who is very caring and very respectful. I would highly recommend them to anyone. ”Kamryn’s mom, Lisa.

“ In the 2 years Integrated Care therapists have been coming to our home our daughter has developed from being a non-communicative 11 month old with developmental delays in all areas to a toddler repeating everything she hears and walking, if not running everywhere. When we started services our daughter could not rollover, sit up, much less walk, crawl or talk. Without the therapist's help I know she would not be where she is developmentally. I highly recommend Integrated Care to anyone in need of Early Intervention Services. ”Jasmine’s mom, Kathy.

“ My daughter began services at 3 months and at 15 months she can now walk, almost runs, has 10-12 words, feeds herself with utensils, wipes her mouth,drinks from a cup, initiates and engages in social interactions. Integrated Care's therapist took the time to get to know my daughter. She began to understand her personality and she utilized her strengths and built on them. Every session built on previous skills and the therapist always provided me with a new challenge to keep my daughter growing and progressing. I would and have recommended this agency to other families with special needs children. Every child deserves the opportunity to fulfill their optimal potential. I'm grateful my daughter was given this opportunity. ”Megan’s mom, Brenda.

“ Our son was unable to pronounce common words or form a sentence at the age of 2. Since working with Rosemary he has a great vocabulary and can carry on a conversation and we understand him 90% of the time. Rosemary was a great fit for our family. She is energetic, honest and includes the whole family in her work. My son was always very excited to hear that she was coming. She brought toys and activities that he really enjoyed doing. We are happy that our son's speech is appropriate for his age, but we will miss seeing Rosemary (especially her expertise). Thank You, Rosemary! ”Richie’s mom,Sheri.

“ Ever since my son has joined your services he is starting to open up and has now learned a couple of new sign language words. He is learning things that a parent could not teach a child with a disability. The therapists all have open hearts and big shoes to fill when they step into someone's home. They make a huge difference in the lives of not only the child, but also their entire family from the first session on. ”Dawson’s mom, Misty.

“ My son is throwing less temper tantrums because we do understand most of what he is saying. He is trying so much harder now and saying so many new letters and words. The therapists are sincerely concerned for the children and are happy when the children succeed. They are truly wonderful. ”Dominick’s mom, Melissa.

“ Sofia has started speaking so much more (3-4 word sentences) and has increased her attention span quite a bit. She has made great progress in my eyes. The expertise and caring of the therapists is overwhelmingly helpful to both child and parent and is more appreciated than one can express. ”Sofia’s mom, Molly.

“ My child has Downs Syndrome and couldn't do anything at birth. He was like a floppy doll. Now he can walk, kick a ball, walk up steps and climb ladders. He's social, happy and loves people. He is asserting his independence at 3 years of age. He loves preschool and especially books and music. This is all due to the services I received from Integrated Care. Not only did the therapists help my child they also educated our family how we can continue to care for our child and help him succeed. The services also offered emotional support to family members in coping with disabilities. My son's therapists were awesome and I was saddened to see his time with them end. ”Michael’s mom, Lisa.

“ Ethan's vocabulary has grown from 10 words to 200. He is less frustrated and better able to communicate. We were very happy with our therapist because she was very caring and understanding. Plus worked with our busy schedule. ”Ethan’s mom, Marta.

“ My son says many more words and his vocabulary has more than doubled. He also is not afraid to try unfamiliar words and sounds. I am very pleased with Integrated Care . Our therapist is so friendly and immediately put my son at ease. He looks forward to her coming each week. Thanks for providing this service to us and so many other families. ”Ian’s mom, Danielle.

“ I am very pleased. I was not sure what my options were when I seen Emma lacking in her development. They came in and showed me different ways to help her and they have been working with her and now she will sit and play, puts puzzles together and speaking a little more. I see a big difference. ”Emma’s mom, Kim.

“ Conner is now imitating almost all sounds now. He also now is interacting socially with others(making eye contact and even waving hi and bye). At 18 months Conner didn't speak nor make any type of contact with anyone. The Pediatricians believed he was Autistic. We believed he could not hear. After several ENT appointments the Dr. agreed to place tubes bilaterally. Our therapist Miss Angela has been with us since the beginning providing Speech Therapy. In the last year Conner has gone from not speaking a word to now having about a 50 word vocabulary. We would like to thank you for your services to finally have our son say mama and dada is a wonderful sound to our ear's. ”Conner’s mom, Joeleen.

“ Mrs. Maggie was great with the twins. She would meet with us at 6 PM because that was the only time that would fit into my schedule. She helped with their sharing, speech, colors, behavior, etc. She would not allow them to rule her. She demanded respect in a good way. Now, they are expressing their feelings with words and are better behaved. After the session, she would take time to go over anything I had questions about. She really cared about the twins and enjoyed helping them. We really miss her and would recommend her to everyone. ”Demara’s and Deonte’s mom, Debra.

“ Kate is more attuned to tasks and responds well to her therapist. She has learned many signs to communicate and her verbalizations have increased. I strongly believe that my daughter's developmental therapist truly cares for my child and is invested in her overall well-being and progress. She thoughtfully integrates the whole family in my daughter's sessions and in the plans for her continued care. ”Kathanne’s mom, Anne.

“ In the beginning both babies couldn't even hold their heads straight. Now they are rolling, trying to sit and pulling up with my hands Mikaelynn is even starting to scoot across the floor. I've seen such an improvement in my twins since Julie has started working with them. She shows me so many things to do with them to help them get caught up. Julie really cares for my twins and even my older daughter. We are lucky to have her as our therapist. ”Michael’s and Mikaelynn’s mom, Kira.

“ Our therapist (Julie) has helped my children grow in so many areas. She has the best and friendly interaction with my children. She makes them feel safe when they are learning new exercises. She is extremely patient when the children are having a challenging day. She has given me excellent advice on how to apply the exercises to play time. Our whole family appreciates everything she has done with our children. ”Mason’s and Logan’s mom, Nichol.

“ When your baby is premature a whole world of unknowns are out there. Since our services began we were educated as a family to help our daughter meet her own needs. Everyone is included in therapy day and it is a learning experience for us all. We can not imagine what delays our daughter may have had without these services. My daughter is able to sit and stand unsupported. She is able to take a thickened bottle with minimal difficulty. She is sociable and enjoys the time spent with the therapists. We are grateful for the patience and compassion that we have been given by our therapist Stacy. ”Natalee’s mom, Shannon.

“ Your services gave us direction and understanding of communication needs in order to assist our daughter. She has shown steady progress with the assistance of your speech therapist. Speech services not only assisted with the relieving the frustration of our daughter but of relieving our frustration by giving us a way to help. ”Caitlin’s mom, Nicole.

“ When we brought our premie son home from the NICU, it was a joyful, yet, scary time in our lives. Our son was a living miracle, but we had no idea how to help him grow, develop and catch up with the other kids his age. Dana, from Integrated Care , starting coming to our home right away. She was amazing with both of our sons and us ! I can still remember her pushing us to do things with our son even when he hated it, and therefore, we hated it. But Dana pushed and pushed. Thanks to her and Integrated Care our son talks, runs, climbs, sings, swims, and has developmentally surpassed kids his age. Dana is an amazing woman. As James' mom, I cried when she left. And we miss her. Dana and Integrated Care are a blessing to our family. Thank you so much. ”James’ mom, Marnie.

“ It brings tears to my eyes when I think how these 3 woman have turned my sons future around. I wish I had film to show you him in June and him now. He has come such a long way. He waits at our door for them to come and runs in and gets into his seat and is ready to work. He just adores his therapists and is eager to work with them. My husband and I can't thank you enough for sending us these three angels! ”Samuel’s mom, Diane.

“ We love Integrated Care. If it wasn't for them my 2 year old son wouldn't be where he is today. Our son is now walking and talking due to the dedication and knowledge each therapist possesses!! ”Isaac’s mom, Lori.

“ I was a little weary about a speech therapist. But once we met Robin, I knew she would do well with Maya. Not only has she done as amazing job getting her to talk during sessions, she incorporates my son who is 4 and makes it fun for all of us. We love our therapist and I recommend her and Integrated Care to any of my friends or people I've talked to about Maya's progress. ”Maya’s mom, Jennifer.

Integrated Care is excellent! They work to provide exactly what you want. They are very knowledgeable to the services that are available to you. And if they don't know they will find out. Chloe looks forward to each and every time Carrie comes. Chloe's progress in a few short meetings is beyond my expectations. ”Chloe’s mom, Dawn.

“ I would personally recommend Integrated Care to anyone. These people are awesome, very sweet, likable, understandable, loving and most of all caring!! Thanks Integrated Care , you all are honestly one in a million!! ”Amanda Kovach, Tara’s mom.

“ I have worked with these wonderful people for years. They are great people who make huge differences to your life and your children's lives. They are great in what they do! Trust me!!! ”Joni, Cheyenne’s mom.

Integrated employs some of the best therapists for children. When my son sees his doctors from when he was born, they are totally amazed with all he does and I give all the credit to those therapists. They are very caring and really enjoy working with my son and he really enjoys when they come. He is not shy around them. He acts just as silly with them as he does when he plays with his sister. In the middle of all this fun, he is actually learning to do things that will benefit him. ”Melissa, Brady’s mom.

“ Please let other parents know how valuable your therapists are. They have given us the tools to help our children function in everyday life. They are warm and loving and that helps a parent when their child is going through a tough transition. The have answers to all our questions; and if they don't, they find out for us. All the suggestions are helpful and 90% of them have worked for our children. They are also great support for the parents. They let us know we are not alone. They listen to all our concerns and are great moral support. I don't know what we would have done without them! Thank you for providing us with top-notch therapists! They are all on top of their profession and stay on top to provide us with the best treatments for our children. They are warm, loving and professional. We are extremely happy in the progress of our children but will miss our weekly sessions when we are done. ”Annamarie, Paul’s mom.

“ My son talks my ear off now I am so happy. ”Patricia, John’s mom.

“ Having Dominic in Early Intervention was the best decision we could have made for him and us. He went from barely speaking and consistently and clearly, and expressing his needs, therefore, decreasing his tantrums. We ere skeptical the first couple of months, but them he started to progress. We clearly made the right decision! ”Katrina, Dominic’s mom.

“ If it weren't for Integrated Early Intervention I don't know what I would have done to help my daughter succeed and be doing all the things that she has done. They have helped us in teaching her and coping with what we had to overcome about having a child with Down Syndrome. They have really helped her reach her milestones and for them I am truly grateful. I would recommend Integrated Care to anyone. ”Kim, Caitlyn’s mom.

“ We just love the commitment of Integrated Care and it's therapists to the children. We couldn't ask for more caring and dedicated persons to be involved in our children's care. Our speech therapist has become such a huge influence for our son and his speech development and we will miss her very much when my son transitions out of Early Intervention when he turns 3. I can't thank Integrated and the therapists involved in our sons therapy enough. They have really formed a bond with our family that will continue long after they no longer see him through Early Intervention. Thank you. ”Jennifer, Ryan’s and Aaron’s mom.

“ I. E. I. Is an excellent opportunity for any child. It brings a wealth of ideas in how to open your child's mind to explore different venues with one single item. This enables the child to achieve success at self entertainment, eventually. Alot of parents are so far removed from their children and Early Intervention provides parents ideas, opportunities but most importantly time to spend with their child helping them to grow and learn. The child can only benefit from all of the above and I think anybody who passes up this chance is truly at a loss when compared to families who have taken advantage of the program. After all what really is there to lose while trying this program? What is there to gain? Why that is simple,,,,,,,,,,,,,, a happy child spending time with mom and dad! ”Rachella, Erik’s mom.

“ Our son Thomas was born with Charge Syndrome. We are so thrilled with everything his therapist's have done for him. Tommy's able to do so much more now than he was able to do when he first started. His therapists, Lisa, Julie and Margo, have done an outstanding job with him and he really enjoys his time with them. They are not only great at their jobs, but also with him. We chose Integrated Care because of your brochures and how it mentioned Charge Syndrome. We have never regretted that choice and would highly recommend Integrated Care to anyone looking to really improve, impact and increase their child's life. Tommy is able to eat , drink, scoot, climb stairs on hands and knees, cruise furniture, sign for communication and much more since he started. We would like to say Thank You for everything they have done for him and us. ”Kelly, Thomas’s mom.

“ I am pleased with Integrated Early Intervention services because they used fun ways to teach my son new words and that encouraged him to want to try new ones. I have also learned a lot about how I can help him to make progress in fun ways. My son has made so much progress and so have I. ”Kristeen, Keigan’s mom.

“ While I was 8 months pregnant the doctors told me that my son possibly will have Mental Retardation and/or Cerebral Palsy and he may never talk, walk,stand and so much more. His therapists were optimistic with us and helped us to teach Dom to walk,talk, sit up and all kinds of amazing things. They are angels in my book!! All very amazing people! Thank you so very much. ”Melissa, Dominik’s mom.

“ This is such a wonderful service! The staff has always been kind and caring. Our son has made tremendous strides in his speaking. We can't thank you enough. Also the therapist comes right to our home and that's wonderful! ”Jennifer, Gabriel’s mom.

“ They work with you and your child using different toys to get your child to talk. Their services really help and I enjoy them coming into my home. ”Robin, Cassy’s mom.

“ When you are scared and feel helpless, having someone to reassure you and get you through those tough times is priceless. That is what my twins therapist has given me. She was not only there for them but also for me to. Heather is irreplaceable in my eyes and I will never forget all she has given our family. I feel confident moving forward without her even though she will be terribly missed. ”Tracy, Piper’s and Haley’s mom.

“ Before he had a therapist he didn't talk. He said ma and da and would point to things but now when he wants something he can ask by using words. We understand him when he talks to us. He will sit around for hours playing or reading books with me. The therapist really interacts very well with him. ”Joycelyn, David’s mom.

“ Julie and Tanya are so great with Kaiden. He is doing so well. He's overcome many obstacles already and keeps showing improvements. Not only do they perform exercises with Kaiden, but they make sure they show us how to do them as well so that we can work with him also. When Kaiden was diagnosed we were told he would be delayed in many ways, such as, holding up his head, rolling over, and eating. He has great head control already at 4 months and he's trying to roll over too. He holds his own bottles and puts toys in his mouth and smiles and jabbers all day long. We're very pleased with the services Integrated has given our Kaiden. ”Eric, Kaiden’s dad.

“ I am constantly amazed at what my daughter's therapists do each week to help her developmentally. I never thought a hula hoop could be used to help my daughter walk! To say her therapists are professional is an understatement. But what means even more to me is their genuine concern for my daughters well being and development. ”Kathleen, Jasmine’s mom.

“ Friendliness, Knowledgeable and caring is what really sums it up! Always willing to go above and beyond the standard expectations and the results are so rewarding! ”Lori, Isaac’s mom.

“ I am very please with the services I have received in my home for my child. It has been like having another mother, teacher and friend in our family. The therapist genuinely care about the progress and well being of my children. I would highly recommend these services to any family in need of them. ”Heather, Avalon’s mom.

“ My son's therapists are a true blessing. They have not only guided me and my son through therapy, but they were also a ray of sunshine during a very difficult time, our son was diagnosed with Autism. I am truly grateful for your services! ”Carri, Casey’s mom.

“ The therapist shows such patience with Nevaeh even when she is a little cranky. He gives her breaks in between each exercise. She has gotten used to seeing him and knows that he will be gentle with her. She even smiles and tries to accomplish the tasks. She has made progress and I think with the therapist's help and ours she will be a normal little girl and be able to keep up with her older brother. ”Debra, Nevaeh’s mom.

“ Our son's therapist through Integrated Care really seems to care about Noah's overall well being. She provides us with skills and techniques to help Noah improve his physical therapy and he is really getting stronger. ”Lisa, Noah’s mom.

Integrated therapists are very caring and knowledgeable. Our son always looked forward to his therapists visits. If our next child requires any services, we will not hesitate to contact/request Integrated. Tanya is an excellent therapist. She is very caring and sensitive and helpful. Margo, is an excellent speech therapist too. We actually miss their visits now that Zachary doesn't need therapy any longer. ”Tami, Zachary’s mom.

“ Therapist had the very best of my son's interest at heart and encourage him without frustrating him to do the best of his ability ”Babitte, Maddox’s mom.

“ We have been very pleased with our son's progress and will use the same service again ”Alison, Grant’s mom.

“ I am very happy with Early Intervention program. I was very happy with the prompt attention I received when I called to inquire. I was surprised at how quickly I was able to get an appointment for his initial evaluation. All of the therapists that have come to see Joey have been great. They have helped him progress. They have also been very supportive to me as well. All three of them are very kind and compassionate. I have been very pleased. Kay Leavens has been wonderful as well. I'm very grateful this program is available. ”Tracie, Joseph’s mom.

“ My daughter was 8 months and couldn't sit up. Now she's walking, talking, jumping, and kicking a ball. I don't think she'd be where she is without her therapists. ”Sheree, Milagros’s mom.

“ They are caring, understanding people. They also put a lot of effort into what they do. When my daughter's therapist walks in the door her face lights up and she is eager to sit with her and see what they have and are doing. ”Rachel, Aurora’s mom.

“ It's someone I can rely on for advice in an unknown field. ”Priscilla, Saloma’s mom.

“ I am constantly amazed at what my daughter's therapists do each week to help her developmentally. I never thought a hula hoop could be used to help my daughter walk! To say her therapists are professional is an understatement. But what means even more to me is their genuine concern for my daughter's well being and development. ”Kathleen, Jasmine’s mom.

“ I am pleased with my services because my son's therapist is friendly and caring. She is working hard with our family to get Darrius where he needs to be. She is just wonderful. ”Heather, Darrius’s mom.

“ I am pleased because they work around my work schedule and they are very nice to Emily, even myself and Terry, her dad, and her sisters Julie and Cloey. I thank you all for everything you do. ”Alvirta, Emily’s mom.

“ Well, we love our therapists, she is the greatest. They come to you. They are fun and are so good with the kids at their level. ”Lori, Jadon’s mom.

“ Our son's therapists have been very friendly, caring and knowledgeable and have helped him progress to where he should be in a reasonable amount of time. ”Deanna, Thomas’s mom.

“ Heather has done a remarkable job with Mark. Mark has increased his vocabulary, his behavior has improved and he plays independently. Robin has also done an awesome job with Mark. He has increased vocabulary as well as puts two - four words together. ”Colleen, Mark’s mom.

“ I am extremely pleased. Robin was wonderful. My son enjoyed her visits each week; he was improving. It was so wonderful to see and hear him. He felt very comfortable with her and has grown so attached, I hate to see it end. In one year's time, she taught him so much and even though I have other children and work in healthcare, I needed her to teach me as well. I feel we worked very well together. She was extremely knowledgeable and always went out of her way to make it fun and interact for Josh. I think my son considered them more of a play date with a friend, which in a sense it was, but he learned so much. I am so happy that my son can talk to me. He is completely able to express his thoughts and needs. What a wonderful thing! I will always be truly grateful to Robin for making it possible. She will always have a special place in our hearts. ”Jennifer, Joshua’s mom.

“ Robin did a fantastic job with Jocelyn! We are very pleased! ”Joanne, Jocelyn’s mom.

“ Gives me reassurance that my girls are doing well. A great support system ”Tracy, Haley & Piper’s mom.

“ I am pleased with the Integrated Early Intervention Program because the physical therapist is always on time, very helpful and nice to me and my family. My son has progressed very well ever since they have come to help us. My son now sits up on his own, picks up his toys and bottle. My son interacts with everyone around him. ”Nicole, Brandon’s mom.

“ My husband and I are extremely pleased with the services for our son. Heather has done wonders. She has concentrated on our son's needs and guided us as well. We have seen our son grow and change and it was a "team" effort! We never expected the evaluations and therapy to be so thorough. It is important that the therapists be professional and courteous. We were pleasantly surprised ”Erin, Connor’s mom.

“ It 's great you do it in the home and Robin has been very flexible with her schedule when sickness and other things come up. "Isabella has greatly increased her vocabulary, her ability to pronounce sounds and to string words together. This has been the best thing we could have done for our daughter. It has been nothing but a positive experience for the whole family. Robin has been especially great. Isabella asks for her by name and can't wait till she comes. We have seen so much progress in her speech development and we definitely feel that we would not be near this far without your services. Thank you! ”Heidi, Isabella’s mom.

“ It's nice to know that there are services out there that will help low income families with their children and also teach the parents how to make changes in order to help their child. You always made Mia feel special, not that she was a problem, and you were very patient with her. Mia wants to talk more and she tries harder ”Alison, Mia’s mom.

“ Dylan has begun to really make an effort to talk or use the signs he has learned. He is getting less frustrated and less aggressive. Robin is great with Dylan and I love how she incorporates my daughter into his session. Robin is sincere and kind and seems to genuinely care about Dylan and his progress. ”Becky, Dylan’s mom.

“ My child has become more interactive and increased his ability to communicate. Therapist has been kind and considerate. My child has clearly bonded with her and gets very excited to see her. Therapist is patient with his two year old attention span. ”Laurel, Samuel’s mom.

“ Our son has really blossomed and is doing so great with the therapy. He really loves his speech therapist. Thanks so much! ”Jennifer, Ryan’s mom.

“ Colin has benefited from physical therapy greatly. He runs, climbs and gets into everything which couldn't make me happier. Colin has increased his levels of mobility greatly. When he started physical therapy he couldn't even sit up. It is important to me that the therapist is easy to talk to. ”Kristen, Colin’s mom.

“ My son's therapist was wonderful. She was very friendly and caring towards my family. She worked very well with my son. My son could say only two or three words now he can say five word sentences. He was never pressured to perform. Our therapist felt like part of the family to us. It was important to us that the staff be flexible when scheduling appointments and open to new ideas. We were very pleased with the services my son received. ”Michelle, Michael’s mom.

“ Mackenzie is now speaking in sentences and we can understand her wants and needs. We no longer have the times of frustration and crying trying to figure it out ”Jennifer, Mackenzie’s mom.

“ Josh wouldn't talk at all, now he is speaking small words. Give them a chance to give your child every chance. Better help comes from good help ”Brooke, Joshua’s mom.

“ Our therapist is friendly, caring and easy to get along with. Amy is our therapist; she cared enough to get to know my daughter and gain her trust. We think very highly of Amy. Amy understands family matters and is willing to work her schedule to help you. She tries to get as much done in the hour she has with your child. She helped to teach our little girl how to walk by using exercises to strengthen her leg muscles. She has helped Violet learn to walk, run, and do all the things that kids her age are doing. We don't know how to repay Amy for all she has done for Violet. She listens to my concerns each week and observes before making any judgments. She can usually offer advice to help overcome my daughter's physical limitations. ”Robyn, Violet’s mom.

“ My son is talking clearer and starting to use more words and phrases. The most important thing is the patience and caring Carrie has with my son. ”Kristin, Elijah’s mom.

“ Kairra's therapist cares for her like her own. ”Rebecca, Kairra’s mom.

“ Carrie has been a great help with my child, being on time, making sure my child is learning and having fun. I would recommend her to anybody. Miquel is talking more and using more than one word at a time. Thank you, Carrie. You have been a great help to my family ”Misty, Miquel’s mom.

“ My daughter' doctor wanted to do surgery 1 œ years ago. We added physical therapy instead of surgery. Even though she is not 100%, the doctor is extremely pleased with her gains. He said at the last appointment that she was much further along than he had ever expected. The strength in her arm is weak but the movement is wonderful. I am very pleased with the physical therapy services that Leah receives. Her therapist is wonderful. I find that when we are playing at home, I hear a lot of "Miss Amy says...." and she talks about her time with Amy. When she is playing she'll do things that she does in her sessions and say, "Just like Miss Amy does." I like that Leah is doing well and has care and interest from her therapist. ”Hollie, Leah’s mom.

“ Thank you very much for the excellent service that you provide to families. Carrie, your speech therapist is always very professional in all of her dealings with our family. In addition to her professionalism, she is an excellent in the job that she does promoting learning and fun at the same time. My son Nathan is always excited to see Carrie and most importantly, he continues to make food progress with his speech ”Nathan’s mom.

“ Tyler's speech is improving dramatically. The frustration level in the household is much less than before therapy. I give his therapists so much credit for his progress! ”Tyler’s mom.

“ Since receiving speech therapy, my daughter is no longer frustrated getting her thoughts out! Which makes for a much happier home ”Leah’s mom.

“ Our Occupational therapist made a world of difference in our child's life. She was courteous, knowledgeable and full of energy while helping our son overcome his difficulties. ”Dakota’s mom.

“ I am happy because our therapists have genuinely helped in the development of our daughter through hard work and caring. Jasmine has more use of her left arm and has better communication skills. ”Jasmine’s mom.

“ I am very pleased with the progress my son has made. In the beginning he was very shy and the only word he said was ma-ma. In 6 short months he can say at least 20 words, some 3 word sentences and uses sign language. He is more outgoing and gets excited when he sees Robin coming. I feel comfortable that she really cares for my son. She has given me a wealth of information and tools to aid in helping my son. I can't wait to see him continue to progress. ”Joshua’s mom.

“ I really feel that my therapist pays attention to how my son feels and is responding during the session and adjusts the session accordingly ”Colin’s mom.

“ I am very pleased with my services - my daughter sees two therapists thru you, and she gets so happy when it's her days to see them. They are really caring and nice people. They really want to help my daughter and it shows in every thing they do. Thanks to you, my daughter how two new Friends! My daughter interacts better and isn't so shy around adults. ”Vanessa, Raquel’s mom.

“ I am thrilled with the services my son received. He loves his therapist and looks forward to her visit each week. I couldn't have asked for a more professional therapist and my son has made huge gains with his speech. He now has a vocabulary that I couldn't even begin to count, speaks in small sentences and becomes more and more social every day. I like the fact that my son's therapist is a wonderful resource for me to ask questions, gain advice and gain knowledge. She shares community information with me ( programs, dates of activities, etc) that will benefit my son. ”Courtney, Jackson’s mom.

“ All the staff & therapists at Integrated have always went above & beyond the call. If I needed info they would go & search for it for me. They also keep up to date on everything that is going on in the different realms of therapy and try to implement what they think will help and work. Are very caring, concerned and helpful with the children. They show the family how & what to do when they are not there so we can continue and use in every day life. Great Job! ”Kristine, Dokota’s mom.

“ My husband and I are extremely pleased with the services for our son. Heather has done wonders. She has concentrated on our son's needs and guided us as well. We have seen our son grow and change and it was a "team" effort! We never expected the evaluations and therapy to be so thorough. It is important that the therapists be professional and courteous. We were pleasantly surprised. ”Erin, Connor’s mom.

“ In particular, our PT, Pauline, was amazing. She was so helpful, kind, loving, caring and sympathetic to our whole family. We have grown to really love and care for her. She has done an amazing job. ”Colene, Abby’s mom.

“ I really don't have any specific thing to say except, I've seen a change in my son in just two months of service, you must be doing something right. Nathan seems to be trying to be heard more. He says more words and even 2 - 3 word sentences. He also seems to try harder to make everyone understand him and what he's saying ”Bobbie, Nathan’s mom.

“ We have seen significant changes in our son over the past 3 œ months since your therapists started working with him. He is much more expressive and has increased his vocalizations considerably. The therapists have been wonderful! My son and I both look forward to seeing Lisa and Tanya every week. It's just like having good friends over for a visit. Zachary greets them with a big smile and looks forward to "playing" with them. Lisa and Tanya are both very caring individuals who obviously love their work. ”Tami, Zachary’s mom.

“ We recently discontinued OT services for our son, Joshua, because he doesn't require further Therapy. We started with Integrated on September 2004, Joshua has done remarkable. Our family is forever grateful for the progress our son has made. He weighed one pound and 3 ounces when he was born. Marcia played a significant role in helping Joshua ”Kellie, Joshua’s mom.

Integrated Early Intervention from the beginning made me feel like our son was the only child they saw. Because of the relationship Margo and Joey have, he has become a very excited kid when she comes and can't wait to break out activities and learn. The way Margo gets totally on his level and really cares what he's thinking or interested in at the time. She always enhances what he wants to do and doesn't fight his attitude. He absolutely loves her. I would highly recommend their service to anyone. Thank you for such a wonderful therapist. Joey has become such a nice little toddler now. He talks constantly and works on every word that's new. His tantrums are so few, none since a year ago because he can communicate and express and say things. It's awesome how far he's come talking and how he has changed. ”Pamela, Joey’s mom.

“ The therapist is nice and nonjudgmental. She really shows she cares about my two who she takes care of. She is flexible. She sets expectations with me and she passes them up before due date. Example: She said my daughter (premie) would be walking by Halloween. She was walking by the 1st week of October. My son is progressing so fast. Therapist isn't afraid to be herself. I like that. ”Carol, Alex & Mackenzie’s mom.

“ Our twin boys were born two months premature. We sought out your organization to make sure are sons are meeting their developmental milestones in the appropriate time. Fortunately, they are on schedule. Our therapist has helped us to know what to look for and how to work with our children. Our therapist, Melissa, is great! She is kind and genuine. She is great with babies. You can tell how much she loves children. She is very knowledgeable and it is very easy to talk to her. She really listens to our concerns. She always provides helpful information. She is very patient. I believe her to be an asset to your organization as well as to our family. I look forward to seeing her each month. ”Leslie, Brody & Dylan’s mom.

“ Evan's progress in speech therapy has gone over our goals. I am very satisfied with Integrated Care Services. ”Alison, Evan’s mom.

“ Margo is the best! My son and her have bonded so nicely. He looks forward to seeing her each week. She is excellent at what she does! ”Nikki, Joshua’s mom.

“ I like my services so far because my worker works with my son the way I would. She doesn't push him to hard and she works around the way he feels on the specific days she comes and acts like she genuinely cares about him and how he is feeling. When she comes she gave him time to get used to her and adjust to the new situation. Dana is very caring and kind hearted. All my kids love her and look forward to the days she comes. ”Melissa, Ryan’s mom.

“ Julie was amazing and always went the extra mile with my family. Brenda is very easy to work with and has been flexible with my schedule. ”Alicia, Samantha's and Joshua’s mom.

“ I'm pleased because before Early Intervention started working with my son he only said 1 or 2 words . Now he talks a lot more and he is starting to help himself more. ”Thelma, Benjamin’s mom.

“ They are really nice people and they can make a big difference in your child's life. ”Justin, Sr., Justin’s dad.

“ The teachers are great and caring. Help all they can and know what to teach. ”Melissa, Sierra’s mom.

“ Both therapists with whom we have worked with are knowledgeable and caring. They seem as delighted with my son's achievement as I am. ”Kelly, Owen’s mom.

“ My son loves his therapist! He has made significant improvements in his communication abilities in a short period of time. ”Stephanie, Wyatt’s mom.

“ Since Judy has begun working with my son, he has demonstrated a marked improvement in his communication skills. Although he has yet to speak complete words and sentences, his communication skills are improving daily. He attempts to vocalize and continues to use the words he can speak, as well as simple sign language he has learned. We are very happy with the progress he has shown and greatly appreciate the kindness patience and over all affection Judy has shown our son. ”Sunni, Lucas’s mom.

“ Speech therapist will go out of her way to find answers to my questions specific to my child's problem. PT never seems to run out of time for my child. OT works so well with my child, he just loves her, always looking for ways to help my child develop more. ”Brenda, Christopher’s mom.

“ I was very pleased at how Tanya worked with my daughter and she acted like she really cared. We could talk to her like she was a friend and treated everybody very nicely. If my child ever needed some help I would call Integrated Care and ask for her. ”Jessica, Violet’s mom.

“I didn't know what to expect since my son wasn't saying a word. Just after one week I saw a huge change in him and after several weeks he was a different child. I am completely thankful for Integrated Care. I will definitely tell all my friends”. MacKenzie, Ezra’s mom.

“In the beginning I was not sure about this program, but it has been a wonderful experience. The progress I have seen is great. My girls are learning everyday and it is because of your service. We have a great therapist her name is Melissa. She is excellent helping with the children's needs and she really cares about them. If I have any questions she always gets the answers right away. We consider Melissa a friend as well.”. Amy, Madison’s and Myliea’s mom.

“Being a new mother, I was afraid that Brianna's development would be slow. But with the help of Physical Therapy she is just as happy and mobile as any other infant her age. There has been dramatic changes in her ability to play and learn and she's one of the happiest babies I have every known! All thanks to the caring and understanding, and not to mention, wonderful people at Integrated Care. My family cannot thank you enough!”. Ashley, Brianna’s mom.

“I was very please with our speech therapist. She is a wonderful and kind person who is so helpful in understanding our families needs. As our process continues she will be missed very much. Our family hopes Kayden's next teachers in life are just as wonderful and understanding. We could ask any questions and she always had an answer for us.”. Lori, Kayden’s mom.

“The therapists are well trained in their specialties. They gave me some suggestions to help with my son and also show my 5 year old daughter things she can do to help her baby brother with his development.”. Donna, Luca’s mom.

“I like the fact that you come to our house. Your staff stimulates my child and helps him to gain confidence. He is not as frustrated and is willing to take chances.”. Joyce, Keith’s mom.

“Margo is both my children's Speech therapist and from the beginning they have bonded with her and enjoy "playing" and learning. She has made this experience so enjoyable for all of us. Prior to her start my son and I were having extreme difficulties communicating and his tantrums and meltdowns in my opinion were related to his speech concerns. But within weeks he was able to communicate his needs and the tantrums stopped entirely.”. Elaine, Alex’s and Alena’s mom.

“Our therapist Carrie is very friendly. She finds fun ways to put learning and playing together to keep our 2 year olds attention for nearly and hour.”. Kristine, Lacey’s mom.

“These are wonderful services. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, caring and just plain nice. Best of all they come directly to our home and we don't have to take our child to an appointment far from home. It's terrific!”. Jennifer, Gabriel’s mom.

“I like that at the end of each session Meredith gives me something to work on with Colin and a direction to go in. Keeps me focused.”. Kristen, Colin’s mom.

“Zachary's therapists are wonderful (Tonya and Margo). He lights up when he sees them and squeals with delight! They have made his therapy fun while also accomplishing the goals we have set. They made a difference in Zachary's life and I am so glad I chose Integrated to provide services for him.”. Tami, Zachary’s mom.

“Great service and a knowledgeable provider. Very easy to work with and flexible too! All of the help is very appreciated and the genuine concern for my child is evident in the care provided.”. Kristin, Damian’s mom.

“Heather has brought comfort and reassurance to our family. She is patient, honest and if there ever is a concern on my mind she reassures me that my girls are doing great and helps me to priorities what I need to be working on with them. She is awesome!”. Tracy, Piper’s and Haley’s mom.

“I am writing this letter to praise the efforts, dedication and professionalism of Robin Heaton. She has worked with my son, Jack, over the last year on speech progression. Integrated Care Corp. is lucky to have such a wonderful employee representing their company. She was always punctual and professional in her appointments. Her compassion and dedication to my son and his development was amazing. She was always patient and kind. Her laughter and ease with him carried over in her approach to guiding me to assist in the skills she wanted reinforced. She was always very respectful when giving advice so that she never offended the parent. I truly enjoyed working with her, but even more so, my son loved her. She helped him make great gains during their time together. I just wanted to share what a great experience one of your employees provided for one of your clients. Thank you.”. Denise, Jack’s mom.

“We are so pleased with the progress our Daniel has made since he began his therapy with Amy Kaufman. He suffered from severe Torticellis due to Hemi Micro Sonia Syndrome. In a six month period, he has come so far!!! He only needs a few more weeks of therapy! Amy was patient with him when he resisted the exercises and she worked him hard until he became comfortable with the stretches and positions. We never expected results in this short amount of time! We couldn't be more grateful for all she has done for our Daniel. Thank you so much Amy!!!”. Jenny, Daniel’s mom.

“The staff at Integrated really goes the mile for the child and their family”. Tiffany, Savannah’s mom.

“The therapists are very helpful and friendly. They are very positive when approaching the obstacles of my child’s progression. That support helps me personally. I love the way they get so excited over my son’s achievements. They really go out of their way to make him feel comfortable, and for a parent that is a great relief to see your child at ease. I am thankful for the opportunity we have for our son”.
Mary, Dorian’s mom.

“You could not ask for a better company and therapists! The therapists include the family and friends in the child’s therapy in every way they can. If you have anything special that you do with your child, they will try to incorporate that into the therapy. The therapists explain everything thoroughly and answer any questions you have. They just make you feel as though you are part of their family and very comfortable. Plus they are always looking for other forms of therapies for the child”.
Kristine, Dakota’s mom.
“I am very pleased because I never knew what to do to help her catch up and the therapists are so helpful and explain everything to us as they do it. My daughter is now doing almost what we want her to be doing. She has made so much progress these last few months”. Carol, Mackenzie’s mom

“I am very happy I choose Integrated care. Everyone is very friendly and helped my son tremendously. His speech has improved greatly. He is doing real well and enjoys his visits with his therapists a lot. He always is looking forward for them to come and play and teach him something new every week. Thank you Jimmy and Lance, I am very happy with the progress my son has made and I am very happy with Timmy’s therapists, Julie and Carrie, they are both great people”.
Christine, Timothy’s mom.

“My son was not easy to understand. I am with him everyday. His own father could not understand him one bit. So I got Integrated Early Intervention to come into my home and help him. My daughter has a rare diagnosis, and problems/ concerns/ issues may occur at any time. With the support from the team, I am comforted that every effort will be made to help my daughter to grow to be as “normal” as possible. Thank you for your support, care and concern”.
Vicki, Holli’s mom.

“I am pleased with my child’s progress and it is extremely convenient to have the therapist come to my home. P.T. is a very nice person who takes pride in each step of advancement that my child makes. I would recommend your services to anyone”.
Heidi, Lucas’s mom.

“My daughter is up to par for her age group in most areas. This was not the case just a few short months ago. Pauline is doing a great job with Abby and educating me on what I can do to help during the week. Our therapist just beams when she sees Abby. They truly enjoy each other and the care Abby is receiving has helped her improve dramatically. We could not be happier with Abby’s treatment”.
Colene, Abby’s mom

“Thank you very much for the excellent service that you provide to families. Carrie, your speech therapist is always very professional in all of her dealings with our family. In addition to her professionalism, she is excellent in the job that she does promoting learning and fun at the same time. My son Nathan is always excited to see Carrie and most importantly, he continues to make full progress with his speech”.
Cindy, Nathan’s mom.

“We have been working with Judy from the speech department at Integrated for the past 6 months. My son Jackson would not talk when we started. The experience Judy brought into our home was greatly accepted. Jackson’s vocabulary has grown by leaps and bounds. He is also retaining his language. Something he didn't do 6 months ago. Not only does Jackson speak when Judy walks into our home but he smiles! That is how Integrated Early Intervention has benefited our lives”.
Tricia, Jackson’s mom.

“Not only are the therapists knowledgeable and friendly, they become a member of your family. We are so grateful for the chance to use Integrated care for our children The therapists are great support for the entire family and our children love them”!
Annamarie, Paul’s mom

“Our therapist is professional and personable. Both characteristics build a great relationship with our family and specifically our child. We are delighted with her suggestions and our child’s gains from them”.
Susie , Maya’s mom.

“Our son has had so much improvement since he first started seeing Janet only 4 short months ago. She has formed a special bond with him. What once seemed like a grim situation, Janet worked hard to turn everything around to the positive side, and in return, our son has shown us that this truly is a positive experience”.
Patience, Joseph's mom.

“Tyler’s speech is improving dramatically. The frustration level in the household is much less than before therapy. I give his therapists so much credit for his progress”!
Kelly , Tyler’s mom.

“Since receiving speech therapy, my daughter is no longer frustrated getting her thoughts out! Which makes for a much happier home”.
Tracy Yendell, Leah’s mom.

“Our Occupational therapist made a world of difference in our child’s life. She was courteous, knowledgeable and full of energy while helping our son overcome his difficulties”.
Shelby, Dakota’s mom.

“I am happy because our therapists have genuinely helped in the development of our daughter through hard work and caring. Jasmine has more use of her left arm and has better communication skills”.
Brandy, Jasmine’s mom.

“I am very pleased with the progress my son has made. In the beginning he was very shy and the only word he said was ma-ma. In 6 short months, he can say at least 20 words, some 3 word sentences and uses sign language. He is more outgoing and gets excited when he sees Robin coming. I feel comfortable that she really cares for my son. She has given me a wealth of information and tools to aid in helping my son. I can't wait to see him continue to progress”.
Joshua’s mom.

“Our child is very responsive now to watching people and understanding communication. Our therapist continues to try new techniques within the guidelines of our doctors. The care and compassion that our therapist shows to not only our child, but also our family, makes us all feel we are part of the team to help our child succeed”.
Domineek’s mom.

“I really feel that my therapist pays attention to how my son feels and is responding during the session and adjusts the session accordingly”.
Kristen, Colin’s mom.

“Our son was 3 months premature and we were very concerned with his physical development. He was not even sitting up on his own at 10 months old. The therapist came in and worked miracles. He went from not sitting to walking his first steps in only 4 months. She was always positive and never forced our son to do more than he felt like doing that day. I was actually sad to see her leave for the last time, but excited that my son was doing so great.”
Lori, Cooper's Mom

“If you ever get rid of our Developmentalist, you would be crazy! He is the best we have ever seen in early childhood development. Your company should do all it can to make sure he stays around for a long time. You could never replace him! His knowledge and understanding of what our child needs is beyond words. We had a friend who referred him to us and we are so grateful that she did.”
Susan, Micha's Mom

Integrated Care is a great group of people doing a wonderful job helping children. My son's PT works wonderfully with him. She is patient and professional and makes the work they do fun for Nicholas. They are very flexible with my schedule and even attends my sons daycare to do the therapy. My son is two and half and could not walk up steps, but after 2 months, he is able to walk steps by himself. Thank You Integrated Care!”
Vivian, Nicolas's Mom

“After calling many places to find therapists for our son, I called the The Integrated Care Corporation. Lance answered the phone, he asked me what I wanted for my son's therapists. I said that Clayton needed speech therapists with a great smile because he focuses on facial expressions due to his hearing problems. He asked me about Clayton's personality and matched him up with the perfect therapists for him. My son loves his “teachers”. As a family we enjoy the friendship, help and knowledge they've given us to be a better family for him. Thank you for listening to our needs and wants for our son and simplifying a very overwhelming decision.”
Benjamin and Bonnie, Clayton's Mom and Dad.

Integrated therapist's have been very accommodating to my needs as a working mom and adapts their schedules so I can be included in my son's sessions, ie, evening, weekend appointments and even attending my son's playgroup to do sessions.”
Lynda, Jacob's Mom

“Not only have your therapist's helped my child, but they also help and comfort me with my worries. I think they are great!
Erin, Isaiah's Mom

“I am very pleased with the work”
Lisa, Chloe's Mom
“Our son has made such great strides since our therapist has been coming. Our son just loves her. He knows what day and time she comes and is always looking for her. She is a blessing to our family. Because of her work, time and care given to our son, we all are able to understand him. He feels good about himself too, because he knows how to say what he wants or needs.” Angela, Benjamin's Mom

“I'm very pleased with your services. I love the flexibility of your therapist. I work often till 6pm and she graciously works with my schedule. She is also very compassionate when it comes to my child Dante. She works with him like he's one of her own. I truly see a positive change in my son since the therapist began to work with him. I'm so pleased that I will definitely recommend your services to others.”
Phyllys, Dante's Mom

“We are very pleased with the services. Everyone is very nice and very helpful with the right needs that our son requires. I would not change anything in the services because everything is worked around our child's needs and around his schedule. Thank you for everything.”
Tracey, Tyler's Mom

“The frustration in our household from not being able to understand our youngest child has significantly decreased since he started Speech Therapy”
Jessica, Shane's Mom

“The Early Intervention that my daughter has received has made a world of difference! Her therapist is truly concerned not only about our daughter's progress and needs but assists us as well. She goes beyond the call of duty to gather additional information to better assist us in our goals to help our daughter. Thank you so much for all that you and your staff do. You truly make a difference by intervening when they are so young! Thank you and keep up the good work!”
Linda, Marie's Mom

“You don't know how much your program has helped my grand-daughter. She has come a long way in her little life. The things she is taught in that 1 hour they are here, works all week for her. At times I wonder, “Is she really getting that information?”, because it may only be a split second that she is listening but during the week I can see things she did grasp during that 1 hour. They are here with her. Please keep up the good work, you have the greatest gift. Thank you so much."
Janet, Savannah's Grandmother

“My therapist is very professional and honest when it comes to recognizing our child's needs. Her ability and experience along with her enthusiasm in her work, give me a sense of satisfaction and trust in knowing my child will be the best he can be because of her teachings and Integrated's services. Thank you for being there.”
Laura, Connor's Mom

"I am very pleased with the care we have received from Integrated Care. A year ago, (less than that even), my daughter was delayed in speech and seemed to not be able to communicate and interact well. My concerns were not taken seriously by the several physicians we saw. She was never diagnosed with any ear problems, (not even an infection), until I demanded a hearing test. During this testing it was found that she indeed had infections in both ears and probably for her first year and a half of life. After a tubal ligatomy and with continued speech therapy and a future surgery, I am certain she will live a normal childhood. The speech therapy she was and continues to be provided have helped her to communicate both verbally and non. I am very pleased with the services we've received.”
Tracy, Avery's Mom

“Lance and his whole team truly care for our child. They are completely committed to her God-giving potential and never limited her success in any way. The team at Integrated are top-notch professionals who desire to see your child succeed in life. They give parents the tools needed to help the family succeed, not just the child. We appreciate their commitment to our family.”
Dawn, Rosalyn's Mom

“As a new mom of her first child, Early Intervention was very helpful with teaching me techniques to help my daughter in her development. I learned simple things I could do to encourage my daughter to learn and explore her world. The therapists seem to have a love for the children and want to see them develop to their full potential.”
Rebekah, Jordan's Mom

“My husband and I are extremely pleased and grateful for Integrated Early Intervention. Our child has made remarkable improvement since being in the program. His physician at Shriners Hospital was very pleased with Jordan's progress. While my husband and I also work with Jordan on a daily basis, it is reassuring to have a professional opinion and suggestions to continue to improve his condition. We love our therapists. Everyone has been wonderful. We could not ask for better service.”
Michelle, Jordan's Mom

“ I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the therapists immense help. I have a 2 year old daughter and a 4 year old son. It was her job to care for our daughter and she has helped Kaitlyn to overcome tremendous deficiencies. She has gone so far above and beyond though with my Son Peter. She picked up on his numerous problems, guided me to help for him, ( too old for EI ) and has helped with idea's and techniques. His needs are almost opposite of Kaitlyn's. Thanks to her tremendous help, I have a much better understanding of why his problems are the way they are, and thankfully, we are now on the road to recovery. If the therapist hadn't helped, I feel that Peter would remain unhelped. There are not enough words to express my gratitude.”
Kristen, Kaitlyn's Mom

"Alex's Developmentalist always had a way of making us feel like Alex was special to him, and had a way of 'breaking through' Alex's shyness. He worked very hard with Alex and we were able to reach our goals within a year. We had an OT start with us when we first started with Early Intervention, and I couldn't help but think that I knew more than her. Consequently, we quit OT.

The present therapist is a different story. It is obvious she knows what she is doing very well. As a matter of fact, I asked if she could get her to come twice per week. She is the only person, other than my husband and I, that can make him laugh as he does with her. Our Speech Therapist also knows her job well. She just started with us, but in seeing her with Alex, she gives me no doubts."
Missy, Alex's Mom

“ When we first contacted Integrated, our 2 year old son was not able to speak at all. Two Pathologists that evaluated him thought he may have verbal apraxia. After one year with The Speech therapist, our son is speaking two and three word phrases, and is able to express himself without frustration. If it were not for Integrated care and their professional staff, we may have still been at square one. Thank you for your help.”
The Millikin Family

“ Early Intervention has been a real Blessing in the fact that we have a difficult 2 year old son who is frustrated because he does not speak well, and we, in turn often do not understand what he wants, plus he has some attachment problems. And it has been very helpful to have a Speech therapist come into our home – where he is more comfortable and work one on one with him. This has encouraged him to speak more and also to relate better to new people. A wonderful service that has helped in more ways than one.”
Renee, Kurtis's Mom

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