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May many blessings befall you, things such as this:
Speak your heart, and mind. With calmness, comes Bliss.

For the old ways of being, they can no longer be.
Let out your light. Embrace your simple divinity.

So stand up for the self. To the self be true.
In any conversation or act it is that you do.

For is it not within that one truely finds the core,
and as this occurs, brighter still it grows, ever so, more and more.

For is not all of life a wonder? The connected beauty of it all.
The movement now being more rapid, be respondent to the inner call.

For if but the faintest of light should be cast in the darkness of room,
more vast becomes ones sight. The world then, so much more illumined.

So look within your silence.

Listen in the stillness,,, that can be seen.

And feel with your knowing

that we all play parts in the grandness of God's great dream.

And in each day that passes - in each moment that unfolds -

it is to be fully who you are - truly your gift to the world

i wrote this one day while driving, in twelve minutes


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