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A Note From Our Founder
Challenges become opportunities when the right people come together. There is nothing more important than your child.

Hi, I'm lance queer, the Founder, President and Chairman of the Board of Integrated Care. The I Care Corporation. I am 50 years old and have had 35 jobs in my life prior to starting Integrated Care 17 years ago. The following information are some things i think you may like to know.

First, I barely finished high school and wasn't smart enough to get into college. When i first started Integrated care, i rolled pennies, nickels, and dimes, off and on, for the first three years just to buy milk, bread and toilet paper. Let me tell you, i am passionately involved. I Care. We all passionately care. The I Care Corp is ready to help you the way you want to be helped.

Many things make our organization unique. Most important are the highly trained and experienced Therapists we directly employ and contract to serve you. Our team members are exceptionally qualified to work in the field of Pediatrics.

My job is to ensure the
MOST EXPERIENCED, PASSIONATE, and PROFESSIONAL STAFF is available and working for you. I'm proud to tell you that our staff’s average years of experience in the field is over 18 years, and if I were to split it down the middle, half of the Therapists at Integrated Care have more than 15 years pediatric experience and the other half has more than six year pediatric experience! I think that's incredible!

Our Therapists pride themselves on knowing and using the latest industry treatment practices through constant continuing education. They are among the best in the field, dedicated to the development of your children. They care. I care. We care

Our professional Therapists will gladly provide services in your home, a relative’s home, daycare or any community location that is usual and customary for your child.

We also work diligently to meet the needs of our Therapists—a model that has proven to be successful and is evident by the continuity of service your child will receive through
Integrated Care.

We realize choosing an Intermediate Care Provider is a serious decision—one which we do not take for granted. We believe it is our privilege to help your son or daughter achieve their full potential.

Together with you, we work to guide your family through each phase of service that is best suited for your child. Together, we will reach your vision of success.

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Thank you for considering
Integrated Care.

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